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The design and manufacturing of specialised machinery is where it all began for CHW. Throughout the years we have developed many unique pieces of machinery which today result in many industry standards. To add to our custom built machinery we overhaul existing equipment to the highest quality levels.

Conical Rounder

We can source, overhaul and offer service exchange units for various conical rounders.

Inline Lidder

CHW manufactures an advanced lidding machine based on old school principals. Our lidders are reliable machines with low operating and maintenance costs.


  • CHW Design has designed, manufactured and installed numerous inline lidding machines nationally with great success.
  • They are known for their low operating costs, low maintenance and reliability.
  • Minimal training is required to operate these machines.
  • Successful lidding even on marginally damaged lids and pans.


  • CHW manufactures an advanced lidding machine based on old school principals. Suitable for various pan and lid sizes, for low and high capacity lines.
  • Lidding is performed in an inline fashion and lidding speeds are adjusted to fit required cycle times.


  • Maintenance can be performed by entry-level maintenance personnel
  • Initial costs are much lower than other solutions
  • Maintenance costs are lower than other solutions
  • High lidding success rate/High efficiency
  • Easy to operate
  • low running costs
  • Proven capability
  • Long lifespan
  • Suitable for low and high-volume bakeries


We are one of very few companies with the expertise to effectively overhaul mixers and other dough handling equipment. Although such projects are often attempted by other companies, this process requires specific skill sets and techniques, which we specialise in at CHW.


We can source, overhaul and offer service exchange units for various moulders.

Pick & Place Depanner

CHW has developed a robust swing-arm type bread depanning machine. The pick and place depanner uses a vacuum to remove bread, before pivoting and releasing bread onto a nearby conveyor belt. Both the pick-up and drop functions have a high level of accuracy.


  • CHW has produced and installed numerous bread depanning machines with great success. It is not uncommon for CHW depanning machines to run for 20+ years.
  • Increasing production capacity is usually the only reason for the replacement of such a machine.
  • Machines are usually replaced with the exact same machine but with upgraded production capacity.


  • A robust swing-arm type bread depanning machine was developed. This type of machine allows for minimal maintenance expertise.
  • The suction head with a negative pressure will pivot to a position over the bread pans where suction cups will suck the bread up and pivot over where the suction is then released and the bread is dropped on a parallel conveyor.
  • This type of machine is more reliable, less expensive and more robust than other modern solutions.


  • Highly accurate pick-up and drop of bread
  • Low on maintenance
  • Highly reliable
  • Robust
  • Manually adjustable with only basic pneumatic skills
  • Minimal moving parts
  • Allows for high cycle times (in excess of 12 000 loaves per hour)
  • Proven Capability

Sachet Flipper

The Sachet Flipper flips sachets 180° at 180 sachets per minute in a compact area. It is suitable for various products and is an inline system which is easily adaptable to fit into existing lines.


  • The nature of the project allowed for no trial runs at full production speeds.
  • The project was completed and installed within two weeks from start of design.
  • The machine is performing optimally and there have been no issues reported after 6 months of running at full production.


  • Much research was done, and various concepts were considered.
  • The positive pressure applied on each sachet ensures that the sachets exit the machine in the exact spacing and orientation as when they entered the machine. ​
  • To our knowledge, this is the only machine in existence in South Africa that is able to flip soup sachets in this manner.


  • Highly accurate​
  • Periodic belt replacement and bearings account for almost all maintenance required
  • ​Very compact​
  • Adjustable for various size sachets​
  • Minimal moving parts​
  • Allows for high cycle times​
  • Adjustable speed
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