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Loading & Lifting Systems

CHW offers an array of loading and lifting equipment, from loading loaves of bread into crates to lifting fully stacked pallets to multiple floor levels. These fully automated systems can decrease the amount of human intervention, increase product capacities, product flow and overall efficiency of the line.

Bread Loader:

Our bread loader works on a tried and tested system that allows the scaling of cycle times if needed. This machine is simple to operate and is extremely reliable.

Hi Tip:

The Hi-Tip System comes with a 400kg dough capacity bucket manufactured from stainless steel 304 and then coated with a non-stick Fluoropolymer coating. As well as a double dough chute manufactured from stainless steel 304 with a chute selection paddle and fully automated dough cutting knives to prevent dough spillage between the dough chutes and divider hoppers. The system is mounted on a platform with easy access to the top of the dough chute and Hi-Tip motor and gearbox. The system is enclosed with a stainless steel 304 enclosure for operator safety. This system is extremely robust and reliable, easy to operate, maintain and clean.

Pallet Lifter:

The CHW pallet lifter is a lifting system generally used for conveying loaded pallets safely to height. All our lifting systems are fully customisable as per the customer’s preferences, and have various load capacities.
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