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Established in 1997, CHW has 26 years of experience in the designing, manufacturing, and building of specialised machinery.

At CHW Design, we are creative problem-solvers who specialise in custom made equipment and systems. We focus on simple and efficient designs and provide cost-effective equipment solutions that work for our clients’ specific needs. We strive to produce quality, robust products that both work and last.

Not only do we do custom builds and commissioning, but we also improve existing machinery. Whether designing from scratch or overhauling existing equipment, we follow the same disciplined and rigorous process. We use the latest design and manufacturing technologies and believe in setting a high standard of quality that is in accordance with international standards. The development of our products and systems is guided by our 3 core philosophies. Safety, simplicity, and efficiency.


CHW Design has been designing bespoke manufacturing machinery since 1997. From bakery equipment, packaging machines, transport, and conveying systems to vibrating conveyors, we do it all and the quality of the machinery we produce is the hallmark of our brand. We use the latest design and manufacturing facilities to manufacture machines that are fit-for-purpose, hardworking, and robust. All our machines are made in South Africa at a cost-effective rate and are never over-engineered.

A customer-centric design process is at the center of our business process. Firstly, an extensive brief which includes the challenges, objectives, and scope of the client’s project is considered. We then find a creative solution to the problem. Clients feel safe in our hands as we have over 25 years of experience in this industry, and we make sure that we first understand the manufacturing challenge and then build a piece of equipment that offers a solution to the client’s problems.

Our experience and our attention to detail enables us to offer peace of mind to all our clients, from the first encounter they have with us until the  equipment has been installed. It is for this reason that our clients return to us and we have been able to build ongoing relationships with our clients.


CHW has produced and installed numerous machines with great success. We do not only manufacture machines but we help you identify and solve your manufacturing challenges. We work hand in hand with all clients to develop the most robust machines that are modern and are high end with high volume performance, which will be easy to maintain. The machines we manufacture are easily maintained and cleaned, and any entry-level maintenance personnel can work on our machines.

To maintain these machines is much cheaper than other solutions, and we manufacture machines that will have a long lifespan of 20+ years. We custom make machines that are highly reliable and have proven capability, or we can produce the same machine as a replacement with upgraded production capacity.

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