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Cooling & Drying Systems

We have successfully developed, designed and manufactured various cooling and drying systems for multiple industries. Our cooling systems have a modular design, allowing scaling of the system as required. We work closely with our suppliers to develop the optimal machine whether it is a standard machine, already tried and tested, or a custom solution to the problem.

Crate Dryer

Our crate drying system has gone through numerous iterations to improve the drying capability and increase the overall efficiency of the system. Mechanical vibration is used to remove larger water droplets, followed by directed air flow to remove the balance of the water. This system has the added advantage of being fully scalable.

Drying Racks

We build and install static drying racks, which incorporate filtered air blowing through stainless steel ducting from above the racks. Holes in the racks ensure the airflow reaches each rack.

Dual Pan & Lid Cooling Tunnels

Our dual lid and cooling tunnels are produced with a high rate of cooling, limited energy consumption, and a small footprint. When manufacturing our tunnels, we work closely with industrial fan companies to boost airflow for maximum cooling and efficiency. We ensure easy access is maintained allowing machines to operate as fully functional pan and lid storage loading and unloading units, while still maintaining desired cooling results.
  • After installation testing and full production operation, it was determined that the cooling system performed above expectations.
  • ΔT of up to 40ᵒC was achieved on pans and lids over an effective cooling distance of 10m without compromising cycle times.
  • A Dual cooling tunnel manufactured completely from stainless steel 304.
  • Successfully cools both pans and lids with ambient air and not conditioned.
  • HACCP approved as the air only comes in contact with the underside of the pans and the top of the lids.
  • Easily accessible hatches for cleaning convenience.
  • High rate of cooling
  • Unrestricted lid and pan access
  • Modular design
  • Easily maintained and cleaned
  • Slim design with a minimal footprint
  • Rugged design for longevity
  • Even airflow
  • No maintenance

Hot Air Blowing on Dough

This drying system allows for a superior cell structure preventing the dough ball surface from drying which would result in a poor cell structure in the final bread product.

Pouch Dryer

By gathering key information from our customer, we were able to develop an efficient and effective pouch drying system. This system can be used to dry a variety of products at a high rate. The system predominantly uses compressed air to dry the product and blower air to dry the conveying surface before the next product enters the drying cycle.
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