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Sachet Flipper


We were required to design and build a soup sachet inverting conveyor within a 1m space. The machine would need to invert 2 lanes of incoming soup sachets at 90 sachets per minute each. The orientation of the sachets was critical as any irregular spacing or gaps after flipping would cause a downstream located inline check-way to reject misplaced sachet. The need for a machine that would grip each sachet, flip 180 degrees and place it down with accurate spacing, was required.

Solution: Custom-built sachet inverting machine

  • Much research was done, and various concepts were considered.
  • After a series of concepts and design reviews with the customer a twisted belt system was selected. This system boasts 2 40mm transmission belts twisted 180desgrees around one another. The sachet is then fed into this system and securely gripped between the belts thus following the twist until it is rejected at the machine exit. ​
  • The positive pressure applied on each sachet ensures that the sachets exit the machine in the exact spacing and orientation as when they entered the machine. ​
  • To our knowledge, this is the only machine in existence in South African that is able to flip soup sachets in this manner.


  • The nature of the project allowed for no trial runs at full production speeds.
  • The project was completed and installed within two weeks from start of design.
  • The machine is performing optimally and there have been no issues reported after 6 months of running at full production.


  • Highly accurate​
  • Periodic belt replacement and bearings account for almost all maintenance required
  • ​Very compact​
  • Adjustable for various size sachets​
  • Minimal moving parts​
  • Allows for high cycle times​
  • Adjustable speed
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