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Pan Spray Demister Unit


CHW Design had identified the need for an effective way to reduce off spray produced from pan spray units in industrial bakeries. Traditionally pan spray units spray a non-stick solution into baking pans before bread dough is added. This pan spray procedure causes build-up on all surfaces in the immediate vicinity (e.g. on electrical motors, electrical trunking, walls, ceilings, floors, and other equipment). This is challenging from a cleaning and maintenance perspective.


  • The entire pan spray system is enclosed by the CHW pan spray demister unit. The demister consists of a canopy with a large lid for easy access to the pan spray unit when maintenance and cleaning are required. ​
  • The volume surrounding the pan spray is constantly under negative pressure by means of a special purpose fan-filter unit used for removing the excess oil off spray mist, preventing it from escaping and settling on nearby surfaces. ​
  • The off spray is automatically captured from this process in an easy-to-empty wheeled container with a viewing window to determine when emptying is required. ​
  • This device is highly effective and can capture up to 1L of off spray daily preventing contamination of the factory. ​


  • Numerous Pan Spray Demister units have been successfully been installed nationally.
  • Factories have reported a significant impact the demister unit has had on preventing off spray contamination caused by pan spray units.
  • Factories have reported a drop in maintenance and cleaning.


  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • Greatly reduces slipping hazards.
  • Prevents off spray build-up on surrounding equipment.
  • Ensures longevity of surrounding equipment.
  • Greatly reduces the constant need for cleaning and maintenance of the factory and reduces cleaning and maintenance costs.
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